Thursday, April 10, 2014

Piano Recital Dress

Recently my girl had a piano recital at the Esplanade Library.  She was super excited and asked me to make her a dress.

The pattern is from this Japanese sewing book called "Recital dress for Girls".

She wanted an exact same dress in dark navy blue.  So I bought a dark blue stretch gabardine and a lining from Spotlight.  Can't remember what's the lining called but it was tagged as Japanese lining which is quite expensive but the drape was excellent and felt so smooth and cool against my skin.

Here's my take of the dress. I followed quite closely to the instruction  and cutting layout which is very useful. I adjusted the strap by 4" because it was quite long.  I love the wide swingy skirt.

It was hard to photograph the dark colour dress so I have over exposed the photo to show the dress here. The previous photo is more of the true colour. The dress fits here very well and even my family didn't realised that I made the dress.

One of my favourite part of the dress is the big ribbon bow at the back.  The construction of the bow is very special. It is constructed with 5 pieces - 2 bow pieces, 2 ribbon pieces and 1 bow loop. The bow is then threaded through the self-made belt.

The big bow really enhanced the dress. I think it is especially important to have a big bow behind the dress as that's what people will see when you are playing on the piano.  But because the bow is quite big and heavy, it drag on the belt and make it sag a bit.

And because the dress is quite heavy with the lining, I sew on 2 ribbons just below the arm hole side seams to reduce the stress on the strap when I hang the dress.

It was a good experience and I really enjoyed the learning journey of sewing a formal dress.  If you are interested to sew one, you can find the book at Kinokuniya under the Japanese book section.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Sailboat Ruffle Dress

This is one of my favourite dress that I've made for my girl.  One of the reasons is of course the use of my favourite Out to Sea fabric by Sarah Jane.

I used a pattern from this Japanese Book.

The pattern is without lining but I added lining because the fabric is a bit sheer.  And the lining really make the dress full and fluffy because of the gathers.

I fussy cut the front yoke with the sailboat on the left shoulder and make sure the sailboats are on the hem of the skirt.  I love the sailboat on the yoke and the seawater makes it looks really special.

Here's the back view of the dress.  I also fussy cut the cloud to be on the back yoke portion but it is not so clear in the photo.

The ruffle is also very pretty and add just the right girly factor to the dress.

Alas, I've only bought 1.5 yard and I was greedy to try to squeeze a dress and a skirt so the back and front is not match nicely : (

But it is still a cute dress and I'm so happy the way it turns out.  I'm so happy that I will photo bomb my girl in her dress..hehehe... I'm a proud mama!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Peter Pan Collar Sorbetto

This is another top that I've sewn using the tried and tested Sorbetto pattern from Colette Patterns.

This time, I've added a peter pan collar and sleeves.  I trace the neckline and self drafted the collar which is only on the front and bound the seams with black cotton bias tape. I've interfaced the collar to make it stays the shape.

The birdcage chiffon is from Spotlight which is surprisingly not difficult to sew. I was attracted by the cute print and the subtle blue and turquoise collar of the birds.  The collar compliment the black on the birdcage nicely.

For the sleeve, I've use the same sleeve piece from my earlier yellow blouse which fits the sorbetto really well. I bind the sleeve hem with the same black bias tape.

Here's the front view on me. I wore it to work and many thought it was store bought. I'm very happy! Next time I think I will make the neckline smaller and change it to a dress?